'Compay Segundo' in Bronze

A life-size sculpture of Grammy Winning musician to be cast

A life-size sculpture of the late celebrated Cuban musician Compay Segundo, located at Havana’s Hotel Nacional, will be cast in bronze at this city’s Caguayo Foundry.

Created by Santiago de Cuba sculptor Alberto Lescay, president of the institution, whose art pieces are found in numerous countries, the figure was originally made of patinated plaster and will soon give the emblematic tourist facility, where some well known culture personalities have left their imprint, some atmosphere.

The hotel, inaugurated in the late 1930´s and declared a National Monument, is considered among the best hotels in the world, due to the quality of its services and because it has preserved the splendor of its eclectic architecture, a mixture of Art Deco and other modern influences of the time.

Engineer Fernando Yero, artistic producer heading the smelting team, told ACN that the sculpture will maintain its original size of approximately 1.60 meters and it’s made up of five pieces, among them the case of his faithful companion, the harmonic and typical sombrero.

With Lorenzo Hierrezuelo, the Santiago de Cuba musician created Los Compadres Duo, performing second voice (segunda), hence his artistic name, and then founded his own group, called Compay Segundo and his Boys, which is still performing.

In 1998, he participated in the recording of the CD Buena Vista Social Club, the winner of a Grammy Prize, which raised him to world fame.

His rich repertoire includes very popular songs, like Chan Chan, Macusa, El cuarto de Tula, El camisón de Pepa, Las mujeres de Mayarí, El calderito, Sarandonga and Francisco Guayabal.

Born on Siboney beach, 14 kilometers away from eastern Santiago de uba city, he died in Havana on July 14, 2003.

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