Israeli bombs out of Gaza!

Cuban students demand a halt to Zionist aggression on the Palestinian people

For 20 days now, Israeli bombs have been dropped on the densely populated Gaza Strip, killing some 1,000 people and injuring around 5,000, mostly civilians. This genocide was strongly condemned yesterday by thousands of young Cubans, who protested both the military attack and the complicit silence of powerful countries protecting the attackers.

Akram Samhan, Palestinian ambassador in Cuba, stood on the steps of the main entrance to the University of Havana and expressed thanks for Cuba’s friendship with the cause and affirming that the Palestinian people would remain steadfast because they are backed by international law, solidarity and justice.

Samhan referred to the 60-plus years of Zionist aggression against Palestine, and condemned the blockade that is preventing food, medicine and other basic necessities from reaching the 1.5 million people who live in those 360 square kilometers.

“Sometimes with guns, other times with stones, we will always fight firmly,” declared the president of the Union of Palestinian Students in Cuba.

Camilo Rojo Alvarez, coordinator of the Committee of the Families of the Barbados Crime Victims, criticized the unjust Israeli onslaught and said “We too have been victims of injustice and massacres. Because we know about bombs and other aggression, we defend the Palestinian people even more strongly.”

At the Frank País Hospital

“We want to reiterate that our country will not waver in defending the Palestinian cause, and the people’s legitimate right to constitute a sovereign state,” Rodrigo Alvarez Cambras, president of the Cuban-Arab Friendship Association (AACA), stated on Wednesday.

During an event organized by the AACA and the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) at the Frank País Hospital in Havana, Alvarez Cambras also spoke about the reasons for the conflict and the passivity of powerful nations in face of the massacre of Palestinians, including the United States.