An appeal from Cuban workers

To all our Fraternal and Friend Union Organizations of the World.

The Cuban people lives the most cruel and genocide economic, commercial and financing blockade of the history of mankind that has been imposed for almost 50 years against Cuba by the North American government in its eagerness to defeat the Revolution and erase Cuban example on the face of the earth.

The practice of this genocide and criminal policy in these very crucial moments to our country, after being submitted to the violence of Gustav and Ike hurricanes, shows the empire’s double standards pretending not to hear its own people pleading for a transitory flexibility of the blockade for credit facilities to buy food and construction materials, among others; but intending to give a conditioned humanitarian aid, refusing to recognize our people’s capacity not only to evaluate damages, but also to face this situation, hiding its true goal that is to carry out distorted political aims.

It is unacceptable for us to accept a conditioned aid from those who have impeded us to have access to a market, to cultural and exchange researches, the same government that has allocated more than 45 million USD for anti-Cuban groups Miami based to favour counterrevolutionary and terrorist actions against Cuba. Our people and government will never surrender or renounce to its principles. We consider that the best and most important aid is the total and definite blockade raise, what would show a real US government concern for the welfare of thousands of Cuban persons affected by hurricanes and for a whole development of our economy.

We are not opposed to receive an aid coming from those “good will “ organizations and persons that can contribute to make up for damages. There are many other governments in the world, even with economic limitations, giving us their support in solidarity way and without any conditioning.

The Cuban workers together with our people will continue working hard and giving an adequate use of existing material resources to get on from this difficult situation as soon as possible.

Therefore, for the exposed reasons above we request all the fraternal and friend union organizations of the world to join our call in order to refute Washington’s deceitfulness in relation to our government’s position and to demand –as you have been doing along these years - the immediate stop of the economic, commercial and financing blockade imposed in a genocide way to our country.

From Cuban Workers´ Union Central

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