Cuban Five Send Birthday Messages to Fidel

HAVANA, Cuba, The Cuban anti-terrorism fighters unjustly imprisoned in the US sent birthday messages to Cuban leader Fidel Castro on his 82nd anniversary. The letters were published by the Granma and Juventud Rebelde newspapers. Below we’ve reproduced an acn article about the Fives letter.

Rene Gonzalez, one of the five Cuban men in jail since 1998, said the best of humanity celebrates the Cuban leader’s birthday with the presence of his legendary willpower and his faith in human intelligence at the service of the noblest ideals of solidarity and justice.

Rene, whose birthday is also this August 13, added that Fidel has become the father and grandfather of generations of people who have fought by his side and share his ideals.

In addition, Fernando Gonzalez highlighted that while the Revolution is growing stronger with Fidel as its historical leader, every passing day is a defeat for those who seek to overthrow the process.

Fernando noted that while Cuba’s enemies eat themselves up with hatred with each defeat, Fidel Castro’s reflections are featured in the press all over the world, as well as his pictures with distinguished personalities.

“…Revolutionaries rejoice on the day of your birthday wishing you many happy returns of the day,” wrote Fernando.

On his part, Antonio Guerrero also talked about Fidel’s reflections, which shed light for him and make him stronger.
Likewise, Gerardo Hernandez sent a happy birthday caricature to the Cuban leader with the title: “Different Weapons, Same Fight.” The drawing shows an arm coming out from between mountains holding a pen like a rifle that rises up as a symbol of determination near a royal palm tree, which is Cuba’s national tree

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