“Detained" Computers Released by US Authorities

Confiscated computer being returned

It’s difficult for even the US government to enforce the blockade against us, since they know that we are acting on the basis of our moral principles Rev. Thomas Smith

Responding to both local and international pressure US officials have returned the 32 computers that had been seized at the US - Mexico boarder on July 3. The caravanistas, returning from an eight day visit to Cuba, were handed the confiscated machines as they were being processed at the Hidalgo boarder crossing.

The Caravanistas Blog reports that the computers were then hand-carried across the International Bridge from Hidalgo, Texas into Reynosa, Mexico from where they will be forwarded to Cuba which means that every item of the nearly 100 tons of humanitarian aid collected by the caravan from all across the US will in fact be donated to Cuba.