The Cuban Five in the agenda of the Social movements

The injustice against the Cuban Five, who were in the U.S. trying to stop terrorism against Cuba and the world, was the center of one of the most passionate moments of the Meeting against Free Trade Agreements.

The 7th Hemispheric Meeting against Free Trade Agreements concludes today, and the demand for freedom for the Cuban Five could be the reason for several of the activities of the Action Plan of the Continental Social Alliance next year, and that will be approved today.

The injustice committed against the Cuban Five, who were struggling to free Cuba and the world from real terrorism, was the center of one of the most passionate moments of the meeting, on which more propositions were made.

The request by Ricardo Alarcón, president of the Cuban parliament, that the only way to achieve justice is for the social and popular movements take on this battle with a sense of urgency, found decisive approval among the leaders of the movements.

Among other suggestions, it was proposed to take this concern and call for support to the Latin Americans who have migrated to the United States, and to request the major national unions to join the demand,.

Several of the speeches delivered by popular leaders from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Colombia, Honduras, Costa Rica and Chile also called for joint actions.

This way, they proposed to carry out rallies on September 12 before the US embassies in all Latin American capitals, raising the call for the liberation of the Cuban Five.

Another urgent demand for justice to be enforced is for the right of their relatives to visit them. The wives of Fernando, Ramón, Gerardo and René —the last two have not been allowed to see their husbands, not even once— were present at the plenary, along with Fernando’s mother.

The participation of the most combative part of the Latin American social spectrum in the struggle for justice will help to break the silence about the truth of the Cuban Five, after ten years of unfair and illegal imprisonment and while the appeal process continues.

Nevertheless, it is still a topic absent from major US media outlets and possibly those of Latin America, in a clear case of media terrorism.

The liberation of the Cuban Five will not be attained until the US people demand it from their authorities, through demonstrations.

Protest at visit of US Anti-Cuba Envoy to Berlin

Meanwhile the Cuban ambassador to Berlin, Gerardo Peñalver, filed a protest on rejecting the visit to the German capital of Caleb McCarry, who is the Bush administration's Cuba Transition Coordinator in charge of designing and implementing a plan to dominate the Cuban people by force and establish an occupying government in the country.

“We reject this visit to Berlin and we have let the German government know through the established diplomatic and official channels,” Peñalver said.

According to Granma news daily, the Cuban diplomat added that “Mr. McCarry is the embodiment of an illegal mandate that violates international law.”

He recalled that McCarry has received $60 million in addition to another $200 million for his work to promote subversion and destabilization in Cuba.

“We believe that it is our right to publicly denounce this new maneuvers that aim at undermining Cuba’s recent efforts to improve its relations with the European Union,” Peñalver stressed.

“We take this opportunity to recall that the Cuban people are the legitimate owners of their destiny and only the Cuban people have the right to choose their social, political and economic system without interferences of any kind,” he concluded.